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Best drinks to replace coffee

Hello everyone,


As freelancers, I am sure a lot of us overdose on coffee sometimes so I wanted to know what other freelancers on here use as a substiture. I will start first: sometimes I drink Russian tea instead (it is mixtures of black tea, orange and cinnamon and I highly recommand it). What is your go to drink?


Also, I would like to share advice to avoid eye strain. My method is to stare far away for 10 min every 1h or 2h but I would like to hear what other freelancers do to preserve their eyes too.


Thank you for reading and have a nice Sunday,



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To relieve eye fatigue, I press the acupuncture points under the temples for 15 minutes.

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I think that may be a way better method than mine. Although, I can't say I am precise with the acunpuncture points.

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I think you are right,
When you press the acupuncture point in the temporal area, the blood flowing into the eyes stops momentarily. Then, a person can feel the fatigue that had accumulated in the eyes due to pain gradually disappearing.

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Wissale,  great discussion.  here are my two cents.

For Coffee...

- Coffee is good when you drink it at the right time.  Stop drinking coffee 8 hours before your sleep (2pm if you go to bed by 10pm). 

- some alternatives,  chamomile tea (helps with good sleep), any other herbal tea.

- Hot milk (low fat, A2, Cow milk).


For Eye Strain, here are my methods :-

1. I keep my devices (windows, mac laptop, iphone) on grayscale mode (black and white),  especially during night.  It helps tremendously in reducing eyestrain and still gets the work done.

- Windows 11 has something called color filter,  you can quickly turn it on and off with shortcut keys.

- Mac/iOS has color filter,  you can configure it using accessibility settings and configure shortcut keys.


2. Light a candle,  keep your room dark (lights off) and look at the candle (in yoga its called Tratak).  It will reduce eye strain and also helps improving your eyesight.

3.  Turn off all your screens/devices 30-40 minutes before your bedtime (preferable around 9:30p - 10p), sooner the better.  Keep your device outside your bedroom,  that helps in getting some great quality sleep.




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I love Camomille tea! It is very calming.


Wow, thank you for the great tips about eye strain, I didn't know about a lot of these and I will try to look the most simple of them out: the color filter and the staring at the candle.


Thank you so much for sharing.

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I drink tea and coffee both. Sometimes when I feel I have caffeine overdose, then I drink soup or just plain cold water.


I wash my eyes frequently with cold water to reduce strain.

Sometimes getting back to the essentials is the way: drinking cold water or washing the eyes with it are really good.


I used to leave floral water in the fridge and them put cotton with it over my eyes, very relaxng.

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I started consuming half the dose of coffee I usually do and feel much better.
I drink matcha some times. I tried Yerba Matte and it's fine. 
For non caffeine drinks I do chicory and anchan (Butterfly pea flower tea).

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I don't know majority of these, I tried matcha before, it is quite energizing.

Never tried yerba matte or anchan before, on my list they go.

Thank you.

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Thank you.

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Hi Wissale!

Your question about alternative drinks is interesting! Russian tea sounds like a delightful substitute for coffee. Personally, I lean towards herbal teas or even some flavored water to switch things up during long working hours.

Regarding eye strain, your method is spot on! Taking breaks to focus on distant objects helps a lot. I also use the 20-20-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds. It's quite effective in reducing eye strain.

Thanks for sharing these tips! Taking care of our well-being while freelancing is crucial.

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I think if you are relaxing you might need some Chinese tea. It could be white tea green tea black tea


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