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Excercise and working

This is really off-topic, but I just wanted to share with you one thing I realised today. Actually I have done it before many times, but for some reason this time I really understood the goodness it carries with.


Before in my life, I used to sit in one office like whole day. Nine to four or five, like that, there was really no place to go. You could walk to pick up coffee, but that does not really count. Then I left the unhealthy world of office-sitting. Nowadays as free freelancer, this is what I usually do. Early morning I have a cup of coffee in some nice Cafe, and do some work at the same time. It could take an hour or two. Then I take walk. Walking is very healthy and inspiring, I think. After some walking – you could call it as excercise as well, I pick up the next Coffee Shop. There I can enjoy perhaps some snack and do something more, for a couple of hours. Then walking again. This can be repeated as many times a day as one have hours to use.


Without even noticing, one have done quite a lot of excerice in a day, and also got quite many pieces of work delivered. I think it is awesome method. Something I never could have done in a closed office space.


Only drawback is there, that costs can be heavy and you could end up drinking too many cups of coffee a day. But, when you compare to purchasign some gym-card instead, I think the end-result is quite even – and take a cup of tea sometimes instead of more coffee. Plus, you get casual exercise whole day, and you see new places, especially if you change the city weekly.


IT-work can be very stresful and also not always good for your body. This I wanted to share with you just to give some idea what one could do. If you have any experiences or thoughts on the matter, please share. Personally, I would not go working in a fixed office again any more, never. It would be like having to to prison or something, for me. Of course, we are all not the same. Maybe it is good for others.


Good and healthy year for all! And remember to do some exercicing every now and then. 


One more hint: some time ago I hired here in UpWork a personal trainer. He was former professional runner, and he really knew about how to take care of physical health. I hired him for hour, we had a one hour consultation every week. He gave really good advice and encouraged to do more, but not too much. Really, I could recommend this kind of arrangement for anyone. 


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Kristo, that works wonders if you are in a 'walking city' with good cafes.  😄   European cities are like this; sadly, most cities in the US aren't.  The exceptions are San Francisco, Boston, NYC, and New Orleans.  That's it. 


That should not preclude walking ... just being able to have multiple offices.

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As soon as I start my digital nomad life I will so do this. I love coffee, and I love walking, so this is just perfect! 


Right now it's not really an option as I live more or less in the middle of nowhere, with just snow and ice everywhere, and about 1,5 hour walk from the closest coffee shop. 😞

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I live in a town without coffee shops, but that doesn't stop me from walking a couple of miles 2-4 times/day. Sometimes I just lap my neighborhood, sometimes walk downtown for lunch, sometimes hit a nature trail...but, when the weather allows, I consistently walk 5-8 miles/day (which would never have been possible when I had a job)

No coffee shops here, either, but it's a very small town that's walkable in that pedestrians are so rare that motorists give us a very wide berth! This past year, I got better about moving around during the day more, but honestly, I have probably been averaging 12-15 miles/week. Time to bump it up, so I've resolved to walk 2,018 km this year which equals 3.2 miles/day. Thanks to the cold weather this week, I'm already behind. (But I walked a lot last the last two weeks of December, so I'm trying to figure out a rollover scheme to compensate for the slow start!)

You're inspiring me to get with it, starting tomorrow morning! And to get the storage shed organized so my bicycle is not barricaded in the corner. I live in the town I grew up in and love riding my bike on errands. I swear there are potholes and pavement gaps I remember from childhood (quite a long time ago!).

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