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Facebook Ads Broad Targeting

The hottest topic in the market.


Every post you read on Facebook ads says to do broad targeting, you will find results.


That's not the case for everyone. You might stumble upon a YouTube video or Social media post that emphasizes broad targeting, doesn't mean it would get you the same results just like that person got.


As a matter of fact, broad targeting works very well when your pixel is optimized for a specific event mostly for purchases and leads. If your pixel is not optimized, then broad targeting might not be the very BEST option out there for you.


Most importantly, training/optimizing pixels for a specific event is one of the most difficult things in Facebook ads. This is where most people make mistakes.


I am still the biggest fan of interest targeting. The more research you do to find your ideal audience, the better results you get. Once your pixel gets data, you can optimize it to get more people who could become your customers.


Nothing against a broad targeting strategy, But you should know where your ad account stands.





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Hi, Noman. It's an interesting article. Time to check Facebook.

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It's like jumping into the pool of advertisements.

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Curating a Facebook audience beats using the Facebook tools 95%+ of the time. That is my experience after completing 200+ Facebook client projecs during the past decade.


That's what I personally think and practice too. Advtange+ has been there for almost 1 and a half years. But I still see this working just like "Engaged Shoppers" used to work before the IOS 14 update, back in 2019. It's more like premium buyers are in the advantage+ campaign segment. That's my theory, not everyone might agree.

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