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Note taking apps/sotware

Ive never really been into the business books or productivety stuff, Im more about doing as little as possible work wise rather than trying to use the hour in the bath to also be productive for a hour so this might be what leads me to this question.

I did stray and read a few "essential tools for freelancer" type blog posts which is what lead me to this question.

Does anyone use or find note taking apps useful? I have tried several and they are not a patch on having a notepad and pen next to the laptop. They are less organised, take longer to use and loner to recall stuff, in fact I find them a liability.

I was thinking - Id quite like to be someone who was good at using those type of apps but I just cant see value in them.


What am I doing wrong?

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I'm like you, I would like to be someone good at using kind of app.  Unfortunately, most are like you said..a liability.  I've tried ALOT of apps and given up on most within a week.  The one exception would be Evernote.  I liked Evernote.  (wondering now why I quit using it)
I've recently started dabbling in stocks and am constantly taking notes. If I'm at the PC and it's something that can be copied it usually gets pasted to a Word doc. or Excel (then named something in greek and microfiled in the extreme). Otherwise it gets written on anything handy and thrown at the top of my desk - where it sits until either no longer needed or microfiled into semi non-existance.










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