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Support freelancers in Palestinian Territories with Project Catalog™

Why Upwork is not supporting Palestinian People as they support Ukrainian with Project Catalog™ ?

Like This-  Support freelancers in Ukraine with Project Catalog

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Hi, Md Omar. This is an important question. If you asked Upwork support for help, what did they say?  Only initiative can change something. 

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Wikipedia, for lack of a quicker source, lists seven major wars (including Israel/Hamas) currently ongoing, fourteen mid-sized conflicts (1,000 to 9,999 deaths last year), and twenty-one less active "skirmishes and clashes." 


Would you like Upwork to take a stand on every one of those ongoing conflicts? And how would Upwork judge each one according to moral, political, humanistic standards? What would be the criteria for support or for opposition?


As a reminder, Russia is the aggressor and instigator of the Russia/Ukraine war. Hamas is the aggressor and instigator of the Hamas/Israel war, not Israel.  Beyond that, as this conflict demonstrates, it is not always easy to seperate the civilian population from the military one. With certain wars, the battlefield and the civilian areas are easily separated. That's not the case in Gaza. But who's fault is that?


I am 100 percent sympathetic to the political mess Palestinians are in. But when an army plans and executes a suprise attack, killing 1,200 and taking 200 hostages, then hides in tunnels built under hospitals and residential areas, my sympathies are currently on hold.

Would have though that - given the clear expertise, insight and literary excellence displayed on your profile - that you would have had a more accurate and nuanced understanding of world events.

Maybe we're all just following the hallowed path of sage advice and logic as offered by one of the preeminent political statesmen and foremost would-be world leaders of our time when he said - "We choose truth over facts."


I agree, David. I have a pretty knee-jerk response to world events. I'm a witness, not a participant.

Pardon me for any misguided response on my part.  My mistake: I speak from the heart, fully acknowledged to be a widely innacurate compass. 

The moral standards when it comes to  committing genocide?  Over 35,000 died mostly children compare to 1,200 . Also an army of 40,000 people ( fighting for freedom)  going against the an army that is backed up by the US army. Thats not war. Thats an invention . And they have said in exchange for  200 hostages  is the 6,000 is Israel is holding.  I suggest you do better research . Why dont you look up the attacks Israel did in January 27 2023 , April 05 2023 , July 3 2023 and the many many many other attacks they prior to October 7.

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