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What is your best advice for new upwork

I'm just new here 2 months & i love upwork give me your best advice  

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Don't rush to spend your "connects" until you have studied the Academy. 

"Don't rush to spend your "connects."

Wrong. Spend your "connects." That's the only way to learn. When you need more, buy more. Every business requires an investment. Your investment in a laptop and "connects," is a fairly low price to pay for a future.

You are right. But here the question often arises: "I have spent all the 'connects', what should I do?" In the beginning, many newcomers do not even fill their profile 100%. They spend all the credits, receive nothing, feel bad, and leave the platform. Therefore, if they study a little, they will be more interested in continuing in my opinion.

This is very true in my case. I just filled up the minimum profile requirements and began bidding for jobs. Only when I spent lots of connects community members advised me to fill up the profile. So I went to the learning sessions and began exploring the real Upwork which was really a hectic work. After filling my profile again, I had some experienced profile critics. Their guidance helped me set up a good profile, though not perfect. There is lot to learn in Upwork. I had been doing most of the jobs for years outside Upwork without realising that they were known in different terms at this platform. I've gained lots of confidence in freelancing now.

I agree. And I think the more we learn, the more interesting the platform becomes.

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Congrats on joining Upwork! Click the above Academy link for success tips.

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Hi Mohamed,


I am happy to view your excellent "rising talent" UW profile!


But don't put yourself inside the well of a platform.


Keep your professional profile (such as LinkedIn) beaming as a freelancer.


Create your freelancer's brand here and everywhere.


Join LinkedIn (if you haven't yet).


Don't hesitate to DM me!

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learn, upskill, learn, upskill

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