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Work up

What’s an unexpected remote work benefit you discovered when you started working from home?
We’ll go first: Not having to take a half day just to wait at home for a maintenance person to drop by. 👀 Drop yours in the comments, we may share our favorites! #RemoteWork #WorkLife

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No Travels (~2 hours saved),  not getting ready for office (~30 mins).  Now i can eat on time,  and the biggest benefit of all I CAN HAVE THE AWESOME HOME MADE TEA,  no more boring office tea/coffee

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I work from a coworking space. And I find for now best. 
Somehow, working from home also make me lazy 😅😅

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Teaching my two sons about entrepreneurship for the past 15 years as they were around my home office. It paid off. Now both are in the process of obtaining their Masters in Economics.

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