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Sep 20, 2022
Aligning Your Passions With a Career

Suppose you ask friends and family members for advice on choosing a career, and you’ll likely hear these timeless perspectives: find a career you’re passionate about and find a career that provides financial security. This valuable feedback sometimes leaves us wondering: is it possible to choose a career that merges our passions with financial security?

Here are a couple of recommendations to consider as you reflect on your passions and whether intertwining them with a career is the right path for you.

loubna-benamer-qy7pVpp3ry8-unsplash.jpgIdentify your interests and the industries that share them

Self-reflection is crucial as you contemplate a career that aligns with your interests. Take time to honestly answer this question: what do you enjoy doing and learning more about? For example, you might enjoy photography and learning more about the technical aspects of cameras. Consider, then, industries that share your interest in photography. (Hint: freelance photography isn’t the only possibility in which to express your passion.) 

Passions are often transferable skills that you can leverage in many business contexts, and photography is no exception. If you’re interested in working in private education, for instance, you can photograph campus events, which allows you to channel your passion while engaging the school community. Or, if you’re contemplating a career in real estate, you can take pictures of properties, which offers you the chance to practice your craft as you entice potential buyers.

If you decide to express your passions in the workplace, you might find yourself feeling more self-assured, energized, and satisfied in your career.

joice-kelly-38MGlMtsZyc-unsplash.jpgExplore flexible careers and arrange work around your passions

Another way to help align your career with your passions is to consider one that provides both flexibility and stability. While these jobs might not allow you to tap into your passions directly, they can provide you with a flexible work schedule that leaves you extra time to pursue the interests you love. With the rise of hybrid and remote work in recent years, companies are embracing flexibility now more than ever, making this an ideal time to seize the moment. Plus, since passions can change over time, this path won’t commit you to a job that’s focused only on your current interests.

If you decide to explore a career that offers flexibility alongside financial security, you’ll likely find a spectrum of opportunities that allow you to schedule your life around your passions.

How has your career allowed you to directly or indirectly express your passions? Share your perspective with us below.