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Join Upwork events with industry leaders and fellow professionals at a screen or city near you! We cover topics ranging from Upwork best practices to insider tracks on updates and business building tips to peer-focused discussions.

Upcoming Events
Community Hour
Jun 22, 2023

Join Upwork Virtual Community Hour Series - a monthly foundational event and regular check-in point for community members to connect live with each other and the Community team. The live streams will ...

Past Events
Top Rated Meetup
May 26, 2023

Uzbudljive vesti za sve frilensere u Beograd! Pozvani ste na naš sledeći uživo dogašaj u Beograd. Naš Upwork Ambasador u Srbiji jedva čeka da vam kaže više o tome! Kako biste otkrili o čemu se radi, i...

Community Hour
May 25, 2023

On Thursday, May 25 at 9:00 AM PST, Regan Lara Murray, Upwork Community Ambassador is organizing the Upwork Virtual Community Hour with our special guest speaker Leah Meyers, Freelancing Coach, to emp...

Upwork LIVE
May 25, 2023

Imamo uzbudljive vesti ! Pozvani ste na naš uživo događaj u Beograd, posebno za frilensere kao što si ti. Naš Upwork Ambasador u Srbiji jedva čeka da vam kaže više o Upwork LIVE: Efikasna komunikacija...

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How do I register and join an event?

How do I register for an event?

  1. Select an event to attend.
  2. Click "Register now."
  3. Fill out the requ
I did not receive a verification code. How do I get into the event?

Verification codes are typically sent within 45 seconds of submitting the request. If you haven’t r

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Verification codes are only valid for 72 hours. To log back in, you will need to request a new veri

How can I ensure the best video experience?

Here are three ways you can help ensure the best viewing experience:

  • Check to make sure you have a
How can I make the most of attending a virtual event?

Once you’ve joined the virtual session and landed on the overview page, you can access the full eve

How can I watch event recordings?

Most online events are recorded. If there is a recording available, you can watch it by clicking on

Does it cost anything to attend an event?

Events hosted by Upwork are usually free to attend. If there is a fee or other cost for participati

Can I join a live event even if it’s fully booked?

To attend an event, you will need a ticket. Unfortunately, If an event is fully booked and no more