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1-3 invites per day

I've been a top-rated freelancer since 2018. From 208 to 2021, I used to receive around 10 invites per day. However, starting in 2022 and continuing to the present, my daily invites have dropped to just 1 to 3. What could be the reason for this decline?

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My Upwork account has never been suspended or faced issues with Upwork's policies. My hourly rate is also reasonable, and I regularly update my skills to improve my profile. What might be causing this decline in invitations?

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Your profile is private. Maybe noone will check it to invite?

Private to non Upwork Users but visible to clients.

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3 invites per day is bad? 

Mostly are not related to my skills or spam

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Y'all are getting invites? All I get is spam.

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One to three invites per day is good; many freelancers are not receiving any invites.


As Mykola said, your profile is not public right now, so that could be a reason. Other reasons include: 1) increased competition over the past year; 2) continuous rotating of search results, whether you are Top-Rated, Top-Rated Plus, or Expert-Vetted or not; 3) fewer clients on the platform; and 4) other reasons only Upwork knows.


All of these can lead to fewer profile views, which further leads to fewer invites.

Private to non upwork users but visible to clients. 

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Dear Nhoret:

Your profile is private, make it public.

Thats good about your invites are high rate. How you have maintained high invite rate ?

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I think you should be happy.
Nowadays, many people don't get not just invitations, but jobs in general.

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There are fewer legitimate clients and a lot more freelancers. 

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