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2 weeks' compensation got refunded back to client.

Hi. I'm new to Upwork and this client is my 1st client.

almost 3 weeks ago, our contract got suspended. 


My March 29th compensation is $175 and it got refunded due to payment protection as well as my $240 from the next week. 
Of course, I let him know about it and he told me that it's is the bank who's having a problem.

Now, when our contract resumed, he told me that he will put those previous compensations as a bonus together with this upcoming compensation. However, it's still not on the Pending.

What will I do?

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re: "What will I do?'


I will do nothing.

Because the client isn't paying me. And I don't work for free.


When the client is no longer suspended, and when his bonus payments are completely cleared and in my bank account... then I will resume working for the client.

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