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A tool help me find better jobs on upwork


I have been working on this great platform for about 2 years, but I feel the official search function of upwork is not easy for me to use. Some important info about the job can not be found clearly in the search result and the UI need to be more simplified.


As a python developer, I develop a tool called Upwork Helper to help me find better work on upwork, it has better ui so I can easily check job info and find interesting job for me. Based on the job info, I can analyze the job info and use the tool to give me some good recommendation.


Here is the screenshot of upwork offcial search page result



Here is the screenshot of the upwork helper.

Job list.png


Almost everything about the job is on the page, so you do not have to click 'more' button any more. By the way, You can also check the history of the client who post the job.


Job list_2.png 


Now I can use this tool to help me better review job detail.


Happy working on upwork !

Community Leader

Hi Michael,  this is a great tool!


We are actually in the middle of implementing something similar. I'm in total agreement that there needs to be more info on both the job and the client. 


Thanks for sharing! 


PS. Is this on git somewhere where I could play with it?  

This tool is still being developed, I will share it when the function work as expect.


I wrote some blog posts about this tool already, so if you are interested in this tool, you can read it, and in the first blog post, I have shared the spider code which get the job info from upwork by using its official API.


upwork helper Part 1 job spider

upwork helper Part 2 job viewer

upwork helper Part 3 job analyzer





Michael, please please make sure you are paid for your efforts!!!

Community Guru
Good one.

Very, very nice Michael.