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Account Hold

I have done the video verification of upwork and received verification badge yesterday.

But today, my account has been hold and upwork team asked my personal infos.

I think I didn't do any irregular activity on my account.

But Upwork Trust & Safety Team said that they found the irregular activity on my account, however, they didn't explain it detail.

I don't understand what I done irregular activity.

How can I do now?


Hi Danil,


I checked with the team and they have confirmed that they have reached out to you about your account status. They reached out to you to request that you please complete the verification process. Please check your ticket here and kindly follow the instruction provided. 

~ Joanne

Thanks for your effort

But I'd like to know what I did the irregular activity

Why didn't they explain it detail?

I think it's not the security

This account hold issue is related to my account and my life.

Really I'd like to know my irregular activity and prevent to do it in the future.

Kind regards!


Hi Danil,

Since private details are involved we can't discuss this further in our Community. Feel free to follow up on your ticket with any questions you may have and our team will be more than happy to assist you accordingly. Thank you.

~ Goran
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