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Account Suspension

Hi Ma'am/Sir,

Please help my friend restore her account she can't send message here because her account was suspended she didn't know why. She did not do any violation but they suspend the account. They did not give her any reason why the account was suspended. She has active jobs and work smoothly here in Upwork and she was shock when she open her account yesterday they suspend it. Please please help her.


here's the link of her profile: **edited for Community Guidelines**

Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Dailene, 

Please know that we will not be able to discuss another user's account with you for privacy reasons. We hope you understand. Please ask your friend to refer to her ticket for more information about her account suspension. 

~ Avery

Hi Avery,


Thank you so much for responding to my concern but my friend cannot send any message because everytime she send message to customer support they will mark it solved. She don't have any idea why her account was suspended they did not discuss in the ticket they sent to her the reason why she was suspended. Please help her. Do you have any suggestions on how she can contact the customer support? Thank you



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