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Advantages of Freelancer Plus... Can someone describe it?

Hi! Today i subscribe to Freelancer Plus and still don't understand the advantages of it! Except for additional connects of course. 

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Freelancer Plus on Upwork is a subscription plan that offers several benefits to freelancers. While the main feature is the additional connects, there are other advantages to consider:

  1. Additional Connects:

    • The primary benefit is the increased number of connects you receive each month. This allows you to submit more proposals to a wider range of jobs, increasing your chances of winning projects.
  2. Visibility:

    • Freelancer Plus members often enjoy increased visibility in search results. Your profile may be more prominently displayed to clients, potentially leading to more invitations and job opportunities.
  3. Profile Highlighting:

    • With Freelancer Plus, your profile is highlighted when you submit proposals, making it stand out to clients. This can help your profile catch the client's attention among other applicants.
  4. Rolling Connects:

    • Unused connects can roll over to the next month, up to a certain limit. This allows you to accumulate connects if you don't use the full allocation in a given month.
  5. Expert Help:

    • Freelancer Plus members get access to Upwork's customer support with faster response times. This can be valuable if you have specific questions or issues that need prompt attention.
  6. Learning Resources:

    • Some plans include access to Upwork learning resources, which can be beneficial for enhancing your skills and knowledge about freelancing best practices.
  7. Job Application History:

    • Freelancer Plus members can view their complete job application history, allowing them to track their interactions with clients and the jobs they've applied to.

It's important to note that the benefits of Freelancer Plus can vary based on your individual needs and how you use the platform. If you find that the additional connects and other features align with your freelancing goals, it can be a valuable subscription. If you have specific questions about your Freelancer Plus membership or want to understand how to maximize its benefits, you can reach out to Upwork's customer support for assistance.

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Irina S wrote:

Hi! Today i subscribe to Freelancer Plus and still don't understand the advantages of it! Except for additional connects of course. 

There aren't any advantages, and if all you need are connects, it's cheaper to just buy them in bundles whenever you run out.


Hi Irina,


That's brilliant! Upgrading your membership can help you market your services more effectively. When you upgrade to a Freelancer Plus plan, you'll receive the perks listed in this help article, and these perks can help you stand out from the crowd.


~ Arjay
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