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Re: Any one knows odesk start a hidden tab when you apply jobs?

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Pandora H Member Since: May 11, 2010
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@Andy H wrote:

I'm pretty new to upwork, coming over form eLance. 


I just happened to discover that all of the responses I received to my proposal so far are all hidden. And in reviewing them at least one of them appears very qualified. Why don't I get to choose which responses I want to review automatically? I'm happy to filter out and hide the spam, spend time making that easy to do.


I'm also amazed at how the recommended freelancers mostly don't have the right qualifications. Seems like there are some real problems with the algorithms for both systems, maybe we clients should get a little more functionality for making our own decisions.



Andy, welcome to Upwork. 


Since your new here, as well as a client and migrant Elancer, I'm going to provide some tips. Hopefully, the forums won't turn you off so much you never see this.  Sigh.


1. Just an FYI, there is a special forum for Clients here in Upwork Community. It's under Community Discussions, Clients. Community Forum Moderators do pay special attention to that area.


2. The hidden tab is going away. There are threads about this, and Valeria, a Community Forum Moderator, has told us that an upcoming update (no ETA) will remove the hidden tab. Your view on this feature is on par with pretty much everyone elses opinion.


3. The Upwork algorithm that drives the back end matching system is wonky at best. Usually, broken. This affects

a. Search Results - Both freelancer search and job search

b. Job Recomendations - emails freelancers get pointing out specific jobs

c. Recommended Freelancers - this result is usually one of the most broken aspects of freelancer search


As annoying as it might sound, you might wish to consider making your job private, and then spending some time searching for the right freelancers. It may take considerable time, but at least you will be able to invite qualified users.


Also, estabalished freelancers (myself included) are a tad leary about bidding on jobs that do not contain job history data. Because you are from Elance, you probably are not showing any job history.


If you were to include something about this in your job description or your private invites, established freelancers might be more inclinded to respond.