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Automatic withdrawal threshold

I propose to increase the possible automatic withdrawal threshold. It's currently limited with 1000$


It's quite frustrating for freelancers and agencies who make more than 1000$ each week. It's possible to select quarterly withdrawal, but it doesn't really save from unwanted accidental withdrawal of the small amount of money — we have to pay fees, prepare documents and mess with accounting when it's not needed. I mean the situation when automatic withdrawal happens one week after manual withdrawal. The perfect implementation of this feature would adjust the limit based on the monthly average earnings of a freelancer.

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Community Manager

Thanks for this suggestion, Daniil. I'll be sure to share it with our team.

~ Bojan
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With a little bit of planning you can avoid the 3-monthly withdrawal. It only happens 4 times a year. so the effort needed is minimal, you just have to set reminders so you don't forget.

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Yes, the same thing happened to me just now. 🤣


Withdrawing such small amounts is just hilarious and adding to unnecessary accounting work. (But I bet accountants love it!) 


Would be great to set the max. higher e.g. to $10K.

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It would be awesome to fix this

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