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Bad Client

Hi  everyone,

I'm a web designer. I have all 5 stars reviews. I have got one new client recently, At the beginning when we had call he only mentioned header and some minor changes but it went way more than that logo, products, hero section, modals, etc. I mentioned to him 100 times Images and text are dummies, developers will be able to change it every time he is saying, okay, and complaining about the same thing. Even his developer is not happy with him.
He may give me a bad review also, so is there any solution to avoid this?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mohammed Salman,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. While I'm not familiar with the contract I can confirm that freelancers aren't required to complete tasks which have not been discussed and agreed at the start of the contract or during the contract, and aren't part of the contract terms. Note that we do have Payment Protection in place for Fixed Price contracts and in case the client declines the payment request that appears to have been submitted, the freelancer will be able to initiate a dispute and our team will follow up with both parties. You can find more information in these Help articles, here and here. Once the contract ends, both parties will be able to provide feedback.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Thanks for the reply Alexsandar.
Payment is not an issue here. He is not understanding the work and He doesn't have even 1% knowledge of how development goes, I ask him many times to get on a call to explain things but He is not getting ready with that also.

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There is a solution.

Don't start any contract before you know the business goal of your client and you're sure to deliver something that is definitely worth money to them.

Unhappy clients might deserve a refund and an apology for the communication mix-up.

Thanks Mikko,

But what if client was clear at beginning then he changed his requirements. If client is bad here, what steps freelancers can take?
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Mohammed Salman P wrote
But what if client was clear at beginning then he changed his requirements. If client is bad here, what steps freelancers can take?

You manage your client and your contract and your business the same way any other business has to manage their client, contract and business.


If need be, by ending the cooperation.

If the client changes the requirements, what seems to be the problem? You just tell if you can do it or not.

The only problem, again, is when you start working on something you're not very good at and leave yourself in a risk of disappointing the client.

Why are you labeling this kind of client as bad?

Many people's plan change. All the time.

I don't get what you're experiencing as the problem here, sorry.
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