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Bad feedback-bad client



I had very bad feedback from a client. And I feel it is not a fact. Very untrue.

She wrote things that are all lies about me and my work . And it seems she wrote in some kind of affects.


What would you do?

Try to delete the feedback?



I find it very unfair and rude to do such a thing. Which affect my whole profile.



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Just use your Top Rated perk to remove that feedback from your profile.

Thanks Maria.

Yes, will do that now.


It just makes you so upset.

Karin, I am sorry you had to deal with this but try not to take it personally! Some clients are just clients from hell. Fortunately, there are much more good ones.

Thanks for saying this.

It is true. Some are really difficult. And have such a bad attitude. It is easy to be upset. But will have to remind ourselves that we do our best. And behaved nicely. 

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