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Hi, I'm utterly new to Upwork and just recently finished my first two jobs, from which I get paid 10$ and 15$. But when I go to the "Get Paid" section I see that my balance is $0.00 could someone please explain to me why is that? (In my Billings & Earnings tab I can see that the clients paid) so I don't understand why money doesn't show up on my balance p.s and the worst thing is that there is no customer service on UpWork what so ever, so the only way to get answers is to ask here((

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you got ganked

Please look at these free ressources to learn how things work. Academy - Upwork Community

I don't think so. besides, your answer doesn't help at all

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Did you check here? Reports Home Page - Upwork


Money does not go straight to your balance. It has to go through the 5-day security period.


You do not need customer support. You just need to educate yourself on how it works. You can take a look at the Academy courses here Academy - Upwork Community



Thank you, Sofia, your answer really helped. Yes, when I went to "Reports Home Page - Upwork" I saw that my funds are in the "Pending" section which as far as I understood means that the 5-day security period is still ongoing. Thank you for taking the time to clarify this for me. Also thanks for your advice, I will definitely watch all these videos. So that in the future I will not have such stupid questions ))

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