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Best Matches Job Feed

Hello there,


In recent weeks, I'm trying to apply to jobs that are recommended as best matches in the jobs field.


I usually used to do my own filtering and find jobs based on my experience but I think Upwork Algorithm doesn't show me as Best Match on those jobs that I find on my own so I tried to apply only on jobs that are in best matches job field defined by algorithm.


Does those jobs in best matches job field are jobs that you're shown to the clients as Best Match? or do I have chance of being shown a Best Match at jobs that are not in that job field?


Looking forward to your answers,



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Hi Ardi, please make sure that your 15 Skills match the types of Jobs you seek. The Skills are critical for matching. Thanks!

Thanks for replying William,


Yeah I did set the 15 skills with jobs that I'm looking for but there's too much competition (I mean around 70 proposals for every job) so the algorithm looks for other things as well, this is why, I'm asking if the jobs shown in Best Matches Section of Jobs Field guarantee us being chosen as "Best Match" by algorithm if we apply.

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Mine does tend to be best matches, inasmuch as I claim to want book projects, and I'm not sure, but feel like it also means I get invitations that are relevant. But if I want to mix it up and do a catalog or a magazine or something, I get way better results if I search for specific terms.

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That's very interesting Kelly,


I usually put 4 keywords like: Logo, brand identity, branding, etc so you mean putting few keywords is less effective?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ardi, 

The Best Match feed takes into consideration many factors that I won't be able to disclose, but in general, the jobs listed in this field are the ones that match your experience to the client's preference. 

If you're referring to how your proposal is listed/ranked when clients review proposals, I recommend submitting tailored proposals for jobs you have the skill set, time, and experience to complete on time and match some of the client's other hiring preferences. This will help position your proposal higher on the list. I don't have an insight into the proposals you've submitted, but writing custom and targeted proposals will help capture clients' attention and highlight it as the best match.

~ Avery
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Hey Avery, thanks for replying to my Post!


You're correct, I was wondering if we have higher chance of getting ranked higher as "Best Match" in the client's job post if we apply to the jobs that are recommended by the best match feed?


Hi Ardi,


Thank you for reaching out to us. There are a lot of factors that need to be considered to appear as the Best Match for the client. They depend on the skills on your profile, work history, etc.

~ AJ

Dear Ardi

I think you meant, for getting the best job matches & also  by self filtration & self selection of jobs, the back ground system algorithm goes through my Bio data individually, to enlist the required demand of filtered jobs selected by me.

I hope this is the concept.

Waiting for reverts.


R Roy

Hey PR,


To put it simply: I meant should we prioritize those jobs that are shown in best matches feed as opposed to doing our custom search with filters while we apply?

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