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Buying connects using balance



I just finished my first project in Upowrk and I would like to use the amount earned to buy new connects, however, the amount is "pending". How can I use this amount to buy connects?


Thak you

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Community Manager

Hi Pedro,


When a client releases a milestone payment, it goes through a 5-day security period, and will show under the Pending tab of your Overview page (Reports > Overview). That means they are currently subjected to a standard five-day security period and will become available for withdrawal as shown under the date details. During the 5-day security period, it gives the system time to process and clear the payments. Please read this article for more information about Fixed-Price Protection.


Once funds become available in your account balance, you'll be able to use them for purchasing connects. Meanwhile, you can check the billing options available to you and learn more about the acceptable billing methods for paying memberships


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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