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I am new to Upwork and I would like to know how clients accept proposals. I had messages back from a potential client with regard to one of my proposals. In one of the messages, the client asked me to rewrite something for him. I have done so and sent him a copy as an attachment to my message back to him.via the message board.


Is this correct or should the client have given me an official order to proceed and not just a message?


As you can see Do not fully understand how the process works on Upwork. Please advise.

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Please stop using Upwork, read this: Getting Started on Upwork  and then resume using Upwork. Before you get scammed. You already got yourself scammed it seems.



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Yeah, you need an official contract (fixed-price or hourly) before you do any work for any client. You can't recover what you did for this client so I suggest you take this as a teachable moment and learn from it 🙂

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