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Can a client still remove public feedback even after 5 months that he closed it?

I used to have this client who gave me 5 stars and positive feedback. This was 5mos ago. Then recently he hired me again. We had a disagreement later on. He wanted me to work more hours but I said that I am no longer available. I was able to complete the documentation (7hrs) but he still wanted me to stay to be support for the developers. Note that I was never paid for the extra task that he wanted me to do because we were on an hourly contract. I ended the contract as I am getting hired by other clients and just did not have time to be bothered by this anymore. 


Then weeks after he was requesting for a refund. Even though I know it was going to be free work if I fully refund, I just gave him that refund for his "peace". And now even after the refund, he came after our older contract and removed the good reviews that he gave me before.


Kinda weird. Is this normal? Is this really an Upwork feature for clients?

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Not just for clients. You could theoretically do that too.

That client sounds seriously petty.


Clients or freelancers can't change the feedback they left, but can ask for it to be removed.

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I guess it is, and it definitely shouldn't be! Whether it's the client or the freelancer, the feedback should only be allowed to be changed or removed when both agree to it.

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