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Can't get a job

I am trying so hard for more than a month to try to get a job but still, no one ever messages me. I only apply to jobs that perfectly match my skills. It is really frustrating to keep trying without any luck. I put great amount of effort in every job I post, in return I get no response.
Need help -_-


Hi Saad,


I can understand the frustration you are feeling right now, but I hope that it doesn't discourage you from submitting proposals. It may take a while sometimes to hear back from clients, and some may not respond at all, but you can always apply to other jobs that fit your skills and experiences. I can see that you have won a few jobs already and have received positive feedback from your clients. That just goes to show that you are good at what you do. Here are a few resources that you may want to check out to help you stand out from the competition:


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You can find more helpful resources here.


~ Joanne
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