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Canadians: How would I declare earnings as earned by my incorporation?

I am incorporated using Canada incorporation in Ontario. I am the single entity for this incorporation.


I have tax id of my incorporation added to the tax profile on upwork.


The certificate of earnings has my legal name, but when I withdraw I plan to withdraw it to my incorporation bank account. Because from there, as per TAX laws in Canada, I will declare earnings on my incorporation, then pay the taxes and then use payroll to pay myself x amount. Then pay personal taxes on my earnings in tax season.


That being said, what is the flow other incorporated canadians follow? Is having just the legal name on the certificate of earnings an issue when declaring revenue for incorporation?

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I also wonder the same and hope someone can provide clarifying answers.

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Any update? I also am searching for similar answers and unable to find it. Im in same situation as you.

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