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Catering to specific requirements on client posts

Hey guys, so I did waste my first week applying to random jobs where 50+ people have applied and I have not got any of them as confirmed proposals. That being said, I have now seen more reviews and webinars on sending a successful proposal so I'm going to spend my next few days enhancing my profile and then sending out better-framed proposals. 


I have seen though, on certain job posts, clients put up the requirements such as 'Must be based in the United States' or 'must have a success score of 90% and above' or 'must be a Rising Talent profile'. Now I do understand the requirement of being based somewhere specifically as the job may require calling from a local number, however, for the other requirements, let's say I do have the skills required to complete the task, but as a new profile on Upwork, I do not have the score or profile level to prove it as I still need my initial project. 


Is it recommended to not apply for such jobs when starting out? I have seen the popup saying that I do match the complete requirement and the client will know this, does this mean they will not view my profile at all and so I should not bother sending it? Or I can still take the chance and do my best to get their attention from my proposal? Are clients usually willing to go out of this requirement set and appoint someone who still does not match all requirements?


Another question I have is regarding the proposals I have sent. How do I now get notified if the client has already selected someone for the job? How do I know if they even viewed my proposal or not? If I am not selected, do I get a rejected message?


I'd appreciate some help with this. Thank you so much!

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