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Change of location while working on project

Hi, I am a top rated freelancer on Upwork and I have been living in UAE for long time, I am moving back to my home country in coming week and I want to change my country of location. I am currently working on 2 projects I just want to know if I change my location will it affect my funds and my contracts? 
My clients are already aware that I am moving to new location 


Hi Hrishikesh,


Thank you for reaching out to us. You may update your address once you're back in your home country. Our team will review the changes on your account and should we find that further verification is needed, our team will reach out to you with instructions on how you can complete this. Failure in doing so may temporarily put your account on hold but rest assured that our team will give you ample time to submit any documents needed to complete the verification.

~ AJ
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