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Client Is refusing to pay milestone and is cancelling one other milestone

Hi , I am new to upwork and woud llike to clarify the following - I have been workign for a client with full commitment and deidcation - delivered his work within 6 hours as this work should have taken 12 hours . 


Kindly fidn the following :


The Client have asked for a proposal in a short time and I have delivered with all points covered

The next day the client asked for an excel and I have deliver 2 drafts with edited versions

The third time the client asked for a word document which I have started working on and agreed on the milestone yesterday with the due date which was March 11( The document is more than 10 pages ) 

I have delivered all within 6 hours the first day and in one hour the second day . Now the client doesnt want to release the other milestone and is lowering the payment of the first milestone after receiving all the work .


Can someone guide me in what action shoudl I take ?


Thank you  

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Hi Marwa, Sorry to hear that. Here are some points that you should take into consideration to avoid being scammed and to protect yourself. Talking about Fixed-Price contracts,
- Never deliver or even start working on something that is not yet funded, Always work on the funded milestone ONLY.

- Make sure to do your best in the interview phase to figure out if the client is a trouble maker or a genuine one. 

- Always be polite, however, never give up your rights.


Talking about your case,
- If you have worked on the milestone that was funded ONLY, just submit your work and don't work on anything else unless you are fully paid. If he didn't want to pay you, inform him that you are willing to do any reasonable modifications to the work submitted. If he insisted not to pay you, you could raise a dispute in that case.

- In case you finished and submitted all the project requirements, and the project was broken down into milestones. I am sorry to tell you that if the client is not genuine he could pay you the funded milestone only. And you won't be able to do anything in that case.

- If you worked on the funded milestone only and 


I hope this helps. Wish you the best of luck.

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