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Client Suggesting First Project a "TEST" -- Try this trick

Seen this type of post -- too many times (post modified from original):


"This work is a test to feel each other and is distributed to several freelancers at the same time - and in case of success we will choose the one that is suitable to continue running with him later on in the xyz."


First:  Suggesting that a first effort is a Test is a LIE: it is "always" an attempt to dangle a carrot in order to secure a low fee from you. 

But, if you are curious to know if Client is authentic, try these tricks to determine so:

- Look at the Ave Fee per Hour that client pays -- if it is lower than your fee rate, run.

- Has the client hired for similar sounding jobs in the past?  If so, they hooked a sucker.  Why is client post the same/similar job again?  Why not use same Freelancer? 

- Has client's prior jobs had negative Freelance reviews: dead give-away.  BUT, more important are the "no comment" prior jobs.  Why?  Freelancers are reluctant to slam clients for fear of retribution and a bad UW rating -- I view no comments more negatively than bad reviews for this reason.


SUMMARY:  Best to thumbs-down the "Test Project" posts - they are low value projects from clients that do not seek relationships.





I have completed over 130 jobs on Upwork.


I assume that ALL of them were tests.


If the work I do isn't to the client's liking, then she should absolutely not hire me again.


I think that every job on Upwork should be a paid test.


And every client should know that the only way to accurately test a freelancer is to hire the freelancer at the regular rate.


If you hire a freelancer at $5/hour for a job that you intend to pay them $10/hour for on an ongoing basis, then the results will be invalid.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mark,


Paid test projects and trials are allowed on Upwork. Moreover, they are often a very good way for the freelancer and the client to figure out if they trust each other and are comfortable to work together before they dive into a bigger project. 


Freelancers are free to bid on test jobs with the rate they consider appropriate for such project.


Additionally, please, note that a duplicate post of yours about the same topic has been removed.

~ Valeria

This started with a test ...



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