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Client asked me to send my application to WhatsApp

Hi everyone reading this, 

I recently contacted two clients and both of them requested me to send my application to WhatsApp and they gave me their numbers. I'm feeling a little bit suspicious. What do you think of this ? Is it okay to apply via WhatsApp ?

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Not real clients. They're just scammers trying to steal your money.


Until you have an official Upwork contract in place, all communication takes place on the Upwork platform.


Not via WhatsApp.


Hi Ines,


I'd like to confirm the information that Preston shared is correct. Communication outside of Upwork before a contract is placed is not allowed. If you see a job that seems suspicious, you can report it to us using the flagging option. You can read more on this help article and also, please check out Tips to avoid questionable jobs. You might also want to check out the information here to learn more about staying safe on Upwork. 

~ Joanne
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