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Client can't pay milestone because "invalid date"

A milestone on my contract with client shows "invalid date" and won't allow customer to pay.


I've tried deleting the offending milestone and creating a new one; changing 'due date'. Neither of these fixed the issue.


I'd contact support directly if I could find a phone number of link for direct message/email.


Thanks for any help!


Danny Smitherman


Hi Daniel,


Thank you for reaching out and raising this query here in the Community. I took a closer look at the job you're referring to and confirmed that you submitted work and requested payment for the milestone.


Please know that once you submit your work, your client has 14 days to review and either approve the milestone or ask for changes. If they approve, the funds in escrow will be released to your pending payments. If your client takes no action for 14 days, the funds are automatically released to your pending payments and will be released to you after a 5-day security hold.


If you re-submit a milestone — for example, if you made changes that the client requested — the review and approval process resets. Your client will have 14 days from the time you re-submitted the milestone to approve it. You may want to check this help article to learn more about getting paid on a fixed-price contract and this one on how we protect it.


~ Arjay
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