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Client ended fixed price contract after receiving work



For context, job description stated to send 1000 voice recordings in a specific language. After receiving the recordings, client decided to not accept my work due to the presence of accent (although grammar, vocab etc was in the required language). My fixed contract only has one milestone where i only receive payment after sending in the recordings but now since client decided to cancel the contract, i am not able to receive the payment. I am new to fixed contracts, please advice on what can i do. Thank you. 

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Clients can not unilaterally cancel a fixed-price payment. If there is money in escrow, the client has no way to get that money back unless he asks you for a refund. And you can say "no."

Or they issue a chargeback and get their money back that way.

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Hi Ivy,
For Fixed-Price jobs, freelancers are advised to use the submit work link next to the funded milestone on the contract details page in order to share work with their client and at the same moment request payment. Once you submit work and request payment, the client will have 14 days to review it and either approve or request changes. If they take no action in 14 days, the funds in Escrow will be released to you. If any issues arise, the client may end the contract and request a refund from Escrow but you will then have an option to file a dispute. You may read more about Fixed-Price Protection here.
~ Valeria
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