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Client has approved the milestone I proposed but I can't submit the second milestone job

Hello, I completed a fixed rate job for a client and submitted the final designs for approval. It is fully funded and the client has yet to release the escrow for this project. He wanted more work and I proposed a new milestone he said it was fine. I made the milestone submitted it for approval (if he is ok with the price I am offering) from the customer and he did. I completed the work for the second job but I didn't have a new button to submit more work. I'm confused on what the next step is. Can someone help me out? I attached the job with no customer information. If I need to remove the attachment please let me know.


Hi Michell,


I'd like to let you know that clients can only fund one milestone at a time on a specific contract. Funds must be released on the current milestone before the next one can be activated and funded. Please make sure when working on Fixed-Price contracts that you submit your work using the submit work for payment button. 

~ Joanne

Thank you! I was looking for this answer and I wasn't sure. I will inform my client.

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