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Client is requesting for refund after 2 months, How can I deny ?

There is a client for I was working regularly.

Client was communicating outside of upwork such as on Slack, Whatsapp and was giving work assignment there and I was regularly working.

Client paused contract on 19th September and started blackmailing me on whatsapp to refund this much of money otherwise i will do this and this.

His team and development team was regularly giving me work on slack and moreover client has also informed in whatsapp chat to regularly test mobile, web app [I know communication should be on upwork].

Now, after almost 2 Months [50+ days], client ended the contract and asking for refund of almost 8 weeks [of September, August, July] even client must have reviewed hours during those weeks and now asking for refund.

But I would not like to give refund, so how can i deny this.

Kindly help.

Anil Kumar

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You have no option "reject". You can refund or ignore.

Yes, I will ignore.
Because after 2 months, client ended the contract and asking for refund which is unprofressional.
Moreover client is blackmailing me on whatsapp to refund the money.

Block his anywhere. Many such clients here, it is not single one. Within rules client cannot request refund after 2 months. Cannot but able.

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You are not a new freelancer.  Why do you communicate on whatapp?  As far as upwork is concerned there is no blackmail. Don't give money and suck it up with one potential bad review.  If I were you I would craft a nice rebuttal to the bad review.


From now on learn not to communicate outside of the platform


Prashant P wrote:

You are not a new freelancer.  Why do you communicate on whatapp? 

There's nothing wrong with communicating on Whatsapp or any other method once the contract has started.

But what if client is blackmailing on whatsapp instead of using upwork chat.
Client can easily remove chat from whatsapp, slack but upwork keeps the record i believe.
So, I think only upwork messages part should be used between freelancer and client as upwork messages have all options now.

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If you worked for the money don't agree to refund any portion of it.


But keep an eye out for the client's feedback, so you can respond to it professionally and accurately to let other freelancers know what this client is like to work with.


By the way, as others here have said, there is nothing wrong with using non-Upwork channels to communicate with clients. But if a client starts getting difficult I move our conversations to Upwork, or at least copy their and my messages to Upwork.


Good luck!

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