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Client not responded.


Im working with a client to make a logo & packaging.
I finished the logo and sent it via messages in a pdf(not submit work) He said he would send feedback shortly which was 3 days ago. But I can't continue creating the packaging without his feedback on the logo. Should I submit the logo anyway so far via submit work? Even though the whole project is not finished and it is just one milestone. But I can't finish the rest of the project till he confirms the logo.



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Three days isn't much, especially considering that two of them have been the weekend. It sounds like maybe you and the client just have different ideas of "shortly."


In the future, though, it's best to break up a project so that when you are submitting a completed task, it's a separate milestone you can request payment for. 

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Hey William, yes you need to wait for the client to approve. Message in the client in a few days if you have not heard back. Keep in mind this has been a long holiday weekend in the USA. Thanks!


Hi William,


Thank you for your message. Please submit your work using the 'Submit work for Payment' button on the contract page. This will give 14 days for Clients to review your submission and approve the milestones or request corrections. The funds will be automatically released to you if the Client continues to remain unresponsive.


Thank you,



Why would you encourage a freelancer to use the "submit work/request payment" button when he clearly stated that the milestone was not completed? 

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