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Client wasn't able to send bonus payment via opened hourly contract

Hey, Upwork.

I have an hourly contract opened with one client since Oct 12, 2023.

I used it in the past with time-tracker and all stuff and all was fine.

On Feb 2, 2024 client reached out with new task and I qoted fixed price amount for the job. Client agreed and I started working. Once I did the job I asked the client if he'll be able to use bonus payment via our current hourly contract to pay me fixed price amount agreed (to get the payment faster). As another option I proposed to enter manual time via very same hourly contract to get my pay. And then I got this response from the client:


Andriy, I have tried this 6 times (multiple browsers) and it will not send you the bonus payment through this system. Keeps showing that error message. Any idea why that might be happening?


Why is Upwork limiting clients to make 100% legal payments via Upwork's own system? This might be the very small but still significant thing to make clients think something like: "Hey, why to they overcomplicate something like this so much?" and leave the platform because it's not client-friendly and confusing.


ps: several clients of mine in the past already mentioned that Upwork's UI on client side literally sucks and makes it challenging to use the platform.


Hi Andriy,


We understand how important it is for members to get paid with their hard-earned money. Please be aware that there are several factors we need to consider as to why a client transaction cannot be processed. 


That said, we cannot disclose any information about actions taken on another user account for privacy and security purposes. You may advise the client to contact our support team; they'll gladly help. 


~ Arjay
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