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Clients don't check my proposals, 15% view only this year

Hi there,


I have a huge concern about my proposals, I get only 10-15% of them viewed for the last 9 months. The situation was pretty OK, but starting exactly from 2022 I oversee really poor statistics. Roughly, for the last 400 proposals, I got like:


130 viewed

30 interviewed

4 hires


During July, I had some minor boost, like 40% of my proposals were viewed.


I've updated my proposals template this year, they are absolutely OK and were working two or three times better last year. I've also updated my profile.


Does anybody know where is the issue?

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Anyone can comment the issue?

Hi Myhailo,


Submitting proposals doesn't always guarantee that you will get hired or get a chance to be interviewed or at least have your profile viewed, but you shouldn't give up on sending proposals to potential clients. You may check our Resources and find some excellent topics there. I've pulled a few resources that may be helpful to you. Check out these articles to help you create a profile that stands out and improve your profile title and overview. For some great tips on writing proposals that win jobs, check out this article.


~ Arjay

That doesn't make sense, I have 10 proposals just viewed out of 70 and 1-2 interviews.

What should I do, create hundreds of proposals?

Submitting a proposal doesnt mean someone is going to view it.

To answer your question - submit your proposal and move on.  You have no control over whether a client wants to look at it or not.  Maybe you submitted your proposal just as the client hired someone else for the job?  Maybe the client died in their sleep and never logged on in the morning to read your proposal?  There are millions of reasons why a client might not view your proposal.  The best thing you can do is submit one and forget about it unless they respond back.

This is the same thing that people in sales do.  They "cold call" and hope to land a customer by playing the odds - the more people they ask, the more likely they will make a sale.  Same thing here - as long as you have a good profile, a good proposal narrative, and the other elements that a client is looking for.



I don't imagine that 300+ clients died during this year (I have submitted 2 or 3 times more proposals).

The problem is that I submit numerous proposals during a really long period of time and they are not viewed at all, like 20% max.

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I have a similar concern: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/Proposals-not-viewed/td-p/1133334/jump-to/first-unread-m...


Low proposal view ratio seems normal. Yours is 32.5%  which is the highest compared to the screenshots in my thread.


It is still concerning however. What can we do to improve this view ratio, to make these into a clickbait:


- The proposal's first two lines.

- Our "title"

- Our profile pic

- The "Boosted" label?

- Skills list

- ?



thx, this is helpful somehow.

I'll try new proposal style

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