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Clients missing /stop responding

Hi, I've got a fixed-price logo design project with a single milestone (paid after the job is finished). The company has an existing logo and is seeking to rebrand. The client is actually a nice guy. The problem occurs after I submit the second round of revisions. He said that "We think the first one is the best option. We like the colors you picked and will stick with the **** font. Can you finalize the design? Or do you want to take another step. For all your information, we really like the work you have done but for now haven't decided whether we will actually go with this. So, don't get us wrong, we really think you did a great job, but just still doubt whether this is actually it. Hopefully you can guide us through the process."

Since I want to deliver the best work which satisfy the client, I don't mind going back again to step 1 of my design process to deliver a new concept which never happened before with my previous clients. But once again, he is still in doubt, and request to do just "a basic redesign of the current logo, just to 'update' it a bit to now." (Up until now I've been delivering the whole-new concepts). So once again, I do as he requested. He usually replied with feedback after 3-4 days, but it's been 9 days since I last hearing from him. What should I do now? Can I request a payment if I keep not hearing from him? Do I have a stronger position in case a dispute occur? (All communication is done via Upwork messaging service)

How much longer do I  need to wait and reach out to him before requesting for a payment? I think my work up until now is worth the full payment. I just need to take the final step to organize my work to be presentable as the final deliverable



Hi Michael,


When working on Fixed-Priced contracts, you submit your work and your client has 14 days to review and either approve the milestone or ask for changes. If they approve, the funds in escrow will be released to you. If your client takes no action for 14 days, the funds are automatically released to you. You may want to read this help article to learn more about Fixed Price protection. 

~ Joanne
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Clients are not obligated to respond to freelancers.


A client, by definition, can not be "missing."


As a freelancer, I get paid automatically for my work. It does not matter if the client is responsive or not.

"As a freelancer, I get paid automatically for my work" 
Yes, I guess it works for an hourly contract.

I need his feedback to know how to progress from here. I haven't got any feedback from my client since my last submission so I don't know whether he needs any further revision or not. I could choose to submit the milestone and ask for payment, of course, but I'm afraid it will affect the rating he will give me.

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