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Why i am not getting a message from client side. My account has one

year.old scince then i have not got any response from client side.Is there 

anything wrong with my profile.Can someone help me?

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Atul S wrote:

Is there anything wrong with my profile.Can someone help me?

Your two categories (Data Entry and Virtual Asistant) are among the most competitive on Upwork and the competition is huge. Your English isn't really good enough for Virtual Assistant work unless it's in your own language. For Data Entry you will compete with dozens of people who write better proposals.


Your profile is not very good, it's written like a letter, not an overview, and in poor English with many mistakes.


If your proposals are written in a similar way, that could be the reason why clients don't consider you for their jobs.


Try working on your profile and your proposals.


Create a profile that stands out 


How to Create a Proposal that Wins Jobs 

Craft an Eye-catching Proposal Every Time

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