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Concerned about my proposals

I have spent more than $50 buying connects in Upwork. Spent more than 22 proposals in the past two to three months or maybe more. However, I got one project. Thanks to Upwork for that. 

I have no issues buying connects. But! I am concerned that most job offers I have sent proposals to never hire anyone. I mean clients don't even view the job post. 30 days, and the client didn't even view the job, and I lost my connects, at least in most cases. I sent my proposals to clients that have at least a 60% hire rate and a verified payment account, but still, they post a job and never hire, take the interview, or view it! 😞 I keep track of the job offers for a minimum of 15 - 20 days. 


If the proposals or the job offer were viewed, I would still feel some peace thinking I am not qualified for the job. But the clients don't even view THE JOB POST. Can anyone tell me what to do? A little advice about choosing a job offer to whom I should send my proposals.  

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This is becoming a problem. Less than 15% of my proposals are being viewed. From what I see on my end, less than 30% of the job postings are being viewed within 20 days. 


I'm well aware that many clients use multiple platforms when looking for freelancers but as it stands now, it feels a bit disrespectful to not even view the postings they make and even less viewing the proposals or replying to them. Many of us spend money to have connects to send proposals and more and more it's starting to feel like that money I might just have flushed down the toilet or used as a starter for the fireplace. 

After having a cup of coffee, my mind is now at peace. I think maybe it's not the client; it's the fake AI's fault. Most clients talk about bot proposals in their job offers and are frustrated by fake proposals. They sometimes tell us to add specific words or lines to the proposals. Upwork should work to prevent the scammers. In that way, the client's trust is protected, and they give us more importance. I mean, we can only rely on Upwork to save us from this dilemma!

And for now, I will just cry silently in the corner of my room for my $50. haha!  

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Clients not neccessarily know that we must gamble to apply and often spend much more than we earn, only to feed this monstrosity called Upwork. That being said, we live in times where respect towards working people, being decisive and concise are not the desired values, nor are they taught. People treat others like garbage so don't expect clients to act different. UW itself encourages disrespectful behavior towards freelancers, since they their own don't respect us. Letting anyone in, without any vetting process nor proper verification, offering pay-to-win manipulative techniques to artificially "boost" visibility, manipulating algo deciding on whose profile is displayed to clients, lack of any transparency and honesty, these create a road straight to big collapse but as long as money is flowing to UW pocket there is no incentive to act otherwise.

Before drastic changes that effecitvely turned UW into gambling site, clients were much better. I guess when they see 50+ irrelevant proposals posted by accounts with no job history nor relevant skills, in first 10 minutes after job is posted, they simply flee. Trust is not something UW holds valuable since they let it go so easily.

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