Confused about Upwork Hours and Success Rate Requested by Clients. Please help.

Hi everyone. I just joined Upwork and have already upgraded to the Agency Plus and have a basic Freelancer account.


I am confused about the requirement by a lot of jobs that clients post asking for a 90% success rate and at least one or more billed. I can understand WHY clients request this and obviously it can be for trust, reliability by freelancers, etc.


Here is what I am very frustrated and confused about. I just joined Upwork and have NO success rate or billed hours yet, but I see a lot of jobs that I am very qualified for in my field. I spend 2 connects to apply and then see that warning that I am not qualified because I do not have the success rate or billed hours. Very frustrating.


The question is: Until I achieve a success rate and/or billed hours, should I waste my time and connects on these jobs that request them? I have applied for a few where the success rate is requested and see that warning that the client may ignore my application, but I always question if I should have. I only apply for what I am qualified for. 


My other related questions are: Should I bother even applying for those jobs or just concentrate on the jobs where no success rate or billed ours is requested?


Please help and nice to meet you all.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Bruce,


Clients can see all the proposals freelancers sent to them even if they don't meet preferences they set up for the job. So if you are sure that you are able to complete the job and have all the necessary skills and experience, you can go ahead and apply for the job. Make sure to write a great proposal to attract the client's attention and explain how you are the best candidate for that particular job. 


A lot of successful freelancers shared before that they were able to get jobs even though they didn't meet some of clients' preferences but were able to write a winning proposal.

~ Valeria

What Valeria said.


Also, at least 90% plus is the default for posting a job. Plenty of clients probably don't even notice it. Write a great proposal and it won't matter.