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Hi, Upwork emailed me last night that they removed the job **edited for Community Guidelines** since it do not meet the Upwork's terms of service. However, I already started my job with the **edited for Community Guidelines** yesterday.

And this morning Upwork just emailed me, congratulating me about the job, and giving me free connects.

I'm confused if this is a scam or if my hard work will just be put into waste.

I hope you'll help me clarify these things.

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You received free connects for interview, not for work.

Did you have contract started? I see none in your profile. If didn't then you wasted your time and can't be paid, sorry.

Never start working a while have no contract running.

The job sounds like a well-known scam job. Someone flagged it and upwork took it down last night.


Free connects for the responded proposal comes late, use them wisely after reading this:




... and yes the hard work is a waste 😐

Mykola A wrote:

Did you have contract started? I see none in your profile.

Note that you can only see contracts that were paid on an other account. You cannot see contracts that started, but are not paid yet. So not seing a contract does not mean it does not exist.

In progress tab of Work History. For exmple you have 76 runnig. All started shown there. 

But you do not see the contracts I am working on and for which I was not paid yet.

Got it. With zero amount is hidden. Thanks.

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Like Mykola mentionned, you received Connects for the interview, not the work.


If you do not see the contract in your My Job page here My Jobs (upwork.com)

it means you were never hired. 

Take a look at the Academy ressources at the top of this page to get more familiar with how things work.

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Retyping jobs especially PDF to Word jobs or Image to Word jobs are usually scams. Scammers often target people who are new to Upwork and get them to start working on projects without offering them a contract. Please read the article that Radia posted a link to.

It's also a good idea to find out more about the two types of contracts, fixed-price and hourly.

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