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Contact Suspended by Upwork

Today, around 6:42 WAT, my hourly contract, which I've been working on for a week, got suspended. After researching similar issues online, it seems linked to the client's credit card payment. Despite my client reaching out a few hours ago to resume the project, I had to decline due to the issue. I suggested he contact Upwork to resolve it. He promptly responded, stating he contacted Upwork, and the contract suspension resulted from sharing private information. He urged me to continue and log hours manually, and that he was asked to verify his identity which will take 2-3days.


This explanation raises doubts for me. Can a contract be suspended for sharing private information? I believe he only shared website links for work reference. Unexpectedly, as I ensured the client's payment method was verified before starting the work, this situation is puzzling.


I'm hesitant to continue working until this matter is resolved. If the client doesn't address the payment issues, will I still receive payment for the hours I've worked? I appreciate your advice. Thank you.


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You did right. Dont continue works.

You will be paid for time already tracked. Of course if you used tracker within requirements.

Thank you! Yeah I used the tracker and fulfiled all requirements. 

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