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Contract Assigned

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Joseph H Member Since: Feb 26, 2018
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My submitted proposals are stale and it appears that there is not automatic updating when a job has been assigned or contracted with a bidding freelancer, rather it's just hanging there and taking up space in my mind and on my proposals list. Is there no other way to tell if something has been assigned than to look at the posts? Too, if it's been assigned, should it actually still be a post? Is that a gimmic to increase the stats on available jobs on the site by including those that have been assigned and are either in process or completed? The only method of reviewing which are still viable proposals is to go to the proposals list, then go to view each of the posts, noting whether they are listed in the Jobs in progress list below the posts. It just feels that my time is being wasted.


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Thanks for your insights.



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Ryan C Member Since: Feb 3, 2017
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Hello Joseph,


I'm sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, only the client who posted the job has the ability to close the job post or leave it open for some reason. Once the job post is closed, it will reflect to your proposals list and it will show in the status as "Job is closed". If the client has been inactive in the job post for a long time, the job post will be automatically closed and it will reflect in your proposals list and show as "Job expired". Thank you.