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Correct return not automatic?

I recently submitted a proposal that cost 6 connects.  The client closed the job two days later, and looking at their "Jobs In Progress", they didn't hire anyone for that position ...  and yet, my Connects were not returned as documented. 


Is there some kind of delay in how/when they will be returned?  Seems like it should be automatic.  


Also, is there some way to get hold of humans at Upwork customer service?  Or is this forum and the bot thing all they have?

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Same the case is with me. as many clients close job but upwork not return the connects.


Also, It's my suggestion as a senior member of this platform that upwork should revise it's policy about connect and should reinstate the old formula of free connect as many high profile freelancer are now free and out of job..


Thank You

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Hi Christopher,


I checked your account and it looks like you are referring to a recently closed job. The job was not closed by your client but it expired. Please let me know if there's anything else we can help you. Thanks!

~ Joanne
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