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Customer Vanished

Hello there, Hope everyone is having a great, healthy day.


So, I have been working on a pretty big project with a client for the past 2 months now, The money is in Escrow and I am working on the job, I have completed 25% of the job but the customer suddenly vanished, It's been almost a month now without any sign of him logging in to his account nor messaging me.


I can't submit the work for payment, because it's only 25% of the job and the customer funded the complete cost of the project ( Unfair to the client ). However, I also can not cancel the contract as I've already spent a lot of time and effort on. I on the other hand, can't keep working on the project while the client is inactive. I am pretty lost


What is the best thing to do in this situation? Any help would be appreciated.

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Request 25% payment. 

Oh, You can do that?

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