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Deceived by a Client: Seeking Advice and Warning Fellow Freelancers

Hello Upwork Community,


I want to share an unfortunate experience I recently had with a client to both seek advice and warn fellow freelancers. I was hired to proofread a 200-page for $400. After completing the work and delivering the final manuscript, the client disappeared without making any payment and blocked me.



Steps I Took:


- Communication: I maintained regular communication throughout the project and received positive feedback from the client.
- Delivery: I delivered the completed work on time and as per the agreed specifications.
- Follow-Up: After realizing the client had blocked me, I attempted to follow up through various means but received no response.



Lessons Learned and Advice Needed:


1. Milestones and Upwork Protection: Always set up clear milestones and ensure payments are secured through Upwork's escrow system.
2. Client Verification: Check client reviews and payment verification status before starting any large project.

I am seeking advice on how to handle this situation and prevent it in the future. Has anyone else experienced something similar? How did you resolve it? Additionally, what steps can be taken to report this client and recover the unpaid amount?


Thank you for your support and any guidance you can provide.


Best regards,

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Check client reviews and payment verification status before starting any large project.


This is incorrect. Freelancers need to learn about vetting clients and jobs, and use it every single time. It's not safe to just take a job - you have to assume everyone on the platform is a scammer until proven otherwise. Even well-established clients will cheat; you cannot take anything for granted. Read this post, and it will tell you what you need to know to use the platform safely. Learn the terms of Service and the Red Flags on Scams from Wes.


Reviews can be and are faked, and verified payment means absolutely nothing at all. What is important is the vetting, until you know the client is genuine, and the job is real.


It doesn't matter if the client doesn't respond. Use the Upwork submit work space to submit the work, and in fourteen days, plus the 5-day security hold, you will receive the money.


The client can't block you from being paid, but they can file a dispute.


Did you have an Upwork contract? If so, then you can submit and be paid.


You resolve issues like this with knowledge. You should know how to work on the platform, before you actually work on the platform. Anywhere you go online is dangerous, if you give information or your financial information. You have to protect yourself, because no one, including Upwork, will do it for you. Be safe.

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