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Did UpWork change my profile status to public?

In July 2018, Upwork changed my profile status to private. After many months of inactivity, I received five invitations in the past month. 

I was surprised to see that my profile status had changed to public. Did UpWork change the profile setting to public?  (I have now changed the setting back to private, as I am currently tied up with other work.) 

Why am I receiving invitations now after such a long time? 

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Sorry about the delayed response, Cathy. 

We recently updated our process around profiles with no earnings being set to private automatically to extend the time frame. You can find more information about it here. I believe that's why your profile was unlocked and switched back to the setting you set previously which is public.

Freelancers will still be able to switch their profile from public to private anytime in their Settings just like you did.



~ Valeria
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