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Upwork can force you. Then ban you if you will reject.

Better if you wont ignore.

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I thought those flashing gifs were not allowed

They aren't. I have notified Upwork before on these issues, and they don't seem to care. It is not allowed under their own rules. It is also possibly a hazard for some who have certain types of seizure disorders and other conditions. Why does that matter? Because, not only should you not throw hazards at people, but it is the best practice for any website to adhere to the accessibility standards. It's also tacky, sophomoric, and highly unprofessional, both for the freelancer, and the platform. Before the client knows anything else, they see a picture you might get from a carnival.



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I want to hear from Upwork, why they do not enforce the rules on altered/AI/animations/etc. for photos. I would also like to know, from you, why you continue to break the rules for photos?

This is not the question I asked for

You didn't ask any question.

He already erased start post.

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